Shorts 2009

A young boy's discovery of a colorful, wish-granting rock causes chaos in the suburban town of Black Falls when jealous kids and scheming adults alike set out to get their hands on it.

boxer shorts 2002

Compilation of 5 short gay films previously seen at Gay Film Festivals around the world and 1 bonus clip. 1)Tom Clay Jesus shows a one night stand between Tom and Clay which goes nowhere until Jesus enters the picture... 2)Boychick tells what happens when the jewish gay boy in high school channels his "inner Brittany" to attract the cute debate club boy. 3)Audit shows what happens to a Hollywood actor/actress couple when the IRS auditor turns out to be an ex-boyfriend of the actor. 4)The Prom Queen tells of a high school darg queen attending the local prom with his athelete date. 5)Caught tells the story of a photographer who falls for a pre-med student who already has a boyfriend. 6)Rainbow Avenger tells of an overweight gay man who becomes a super hero

Stars In Shorts 2012

Seven short films, all of which feature name actors, including Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh, Colin Firth, Lily Tomlin, Keira Knightley, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and more.

1:99 Shorts 2003

Shorts made by 11 directors in order to fight against the SARS epidemy that occurred in China and Hong Kong in 2003. The shorts were produced by the Information Service Departement of the Government of HK SAR. The aim was to bring back confidence to the HK popuation. The running-time is 1 to 2 minutes for each short.12 Short films: 1-"Rhapsody", director: Johnny To and Wai Ka-fai; 2-"My Sow Is Not Feeling Well", director: Fruit Chan; 3-"Smile", director: Teddy Chen; 4-"Of a Cause" (Animation) director: Tsui Hark; 5-"Hong Kong - A Winner", director: Stephen Chow; 6-"Who's Miss Hong Kong?", director: Joe Ma; 7-"Family of Heroes", director: Alex Law and Mabel Cheung; 8-"Until Then", director: Gordon Chan and Dante Lam; 9- "McDull 1:99" director: Brian Tse; 10-"Spring, 2003", director: Peter Chan; 11-"A Glorious Future", director: Andrew Lau and Alan Mak; 12-"Making of 1:99", director: Wong Shou-Ping.

The Pixar Shorts: A Short History 2007

The story of Pixar's early short films illuminates not only the evolution of the company but also the early days of computer animation, when a small group of artists and scientists shared a single computer in a hallway, and struggled to create emotionally compelling short films.

Rooster Teeth: Best of Rooster Teeth Shorts 2013

That's right, the team from Rooster Teeth is ready for action, and they're putting their very best Shorts on display! So get ready, because when these guys show you what they've got you won't believe your eyes. Excited yet? Well, try to keep your pants on because there's more! Not only is this unit filled with all of Rooster Teeth's nuttiest bits, but it also includes an uninhibited look at the rise and fall of their Shorts. You'll get a long look at their backstory, and that's when the guys really let it all hang out! It's quite the package. With dozens of fan favorite Shorts lovingly grabbed by the Rooster Teeth community, you'll really enjoy yourself. And that's nothing to be ashamed of! What's in our Shorts is really hilarious!

Firesign Theatre Presents 'Hot Shorts' 1985

The comedy group Firesign Theatre satirizes the old Saturday afternoon cliffhangers by taking clips from many Republic Pictures serials and substituting their own comedy dialogue.

Rooster Teeth Shorts: Volume Three 2011

It's Rooster Teeth Shorts Volume 3! The crew is back for a third volume of office hijinks, fowl phenomena, quizzical conundrums and the concerns of shrinkage. Features 29 shorts and ton of bonus features, including an interactive DVD mystery game!

Cut Shorts 2006

A collection of short films and music videos from independent filmmaker David Markey, from 1974 to 2004.

Coach 1978

An Olympic Gold medalist is hired to coach the boys basketball team. But when Coach Randy Rawlings arrives, the school's sexist principal discovers he hired a woman. Blocked from firing her due to discrimination laws, he tries to make sure the team loses, so he can fire her for poor performance

Rooster Teeth Shorts: Volume 1 2009

Rooster Teeth Shorts is a series of short comedic films put together by Rooster Teeth Productions and starring various Rooster Teeth cast members. They are released intermittently year-round to provide content even when Red vs. Blue is not in production.

Mile High Horror Shorts

TEN great short films curated by Tim Schultz of the amazing Mile High Horror Film Festival that takes place in Denver Colorado every October. 75 minutes of indie genius including: - The Table - Velvet Road - A Little Off the Top - White Room - Bunny Boy - Nursery Crimes - Incubator

VLAFF Shorts in Competition: Program 2 2015

Short Films featured at the 2017 Vancouver Latin American Film Festival. TAILOR (Calí dos Anjos | Brazil) - GUAMÚCHIL SEEDS (Carolina Corral Paredes | Mexico) - TIMELESS (Raúl Zendejas Escandón | Mexico) - GRIEF (Cecilia Cartasegna | Argentina) - MISSING (Carlos Trujano | Mexico) - MOTHER (Simón Mesa Soto | Colombia) - THE FUTURE IS IRREVOCABLE (Silvina Estévez | Argentina) - ROSINHA (Gui Campos | Brazil)

The Collected Shorts of Jan Svankmajer 2003

For the past 40 years, Jan Svankmajer (Faust, Conspirators of Pleasure) has been hailed as one of cinema's most consistently surprising, wildly imaginative, and remarkable surrealists of our time. Utilizing a delirious combination of puppets, humans, stop-motion animation, and live action, Svankmajer's films conjure up a dreamlike universe that is at once dark, macabre, witty, and perversely visceral. KimStim (and Kino) is proud to to offer this collection of remarkable short works from an artist that has mesmerized audiences the world over and has inspired filmmakers from the Brothers Quay to Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam.

RiffTrax Live: Summer Shorts Beach Party 2017

Join Mike, Kevin and Bill, along with guests Bridget Nelson, Mary Jo Pehl, the Mads from MST3K Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff, and special guest Paul F. Tompkins and relive this amazing summer-themed night of riffing and comedy!

Shorts Meet Shorts 2013

EXIT Woo-hyun lives a small-time criminal life earning his life as a pick-pocket. He often pays attention to an arrow-shaped-tattoo of his girlfriend which is on the genital area. He calls it ‘the emergency exit.’ THE BODY Jung-su and Young-sun are a young couple. One new year’s eve, a movie director visits the couple’s house. Only the strong wind of the sea and slow time cross the living room and three people sense something…alive. WALTZING ON THUNDER Mi-jung just happens to meet a group of people who have survived from being struck by lightning. While becoming aware of her old wound, she takes part in a trip for lightning strikes ‘again’.

Skins Shorts: Effy 2010

9 Skins Shorts were made alongside Skins Series 4, but were never broadcasted on TV. (6/9) Effy is in hospital after trying to commit suicide, but is also her first day away from drugs, giving her a bad reaction.

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