Smuggler 2014

An international Smuggler is caught in the crossfire of a war between two corporate giants, and targeted for execution to gain control of his cargo.

The Book Smuggler 2011

Colorful life of 19th century Lithuanian country side, is what Jurgis experiences when he meets a book smuggler.

Smuggler 2011

In this wacky and shocking comedy, a failed actor is forced to work smuggling dead bodies and contraband in a world full of underground bankers and crazed fashionista yakuza killers.

Smuggler's Cove 1948

Slip and Sach are working as cleaners in a high rise building. They enter an office to clean it when a messenger hears them use Slip's given name, Terrance Mahoney. The messenger has a letter for "Terrance Mahonoey, Esq." and mistakenly delivers it to Slip. The letter informs Slip that he has inherited a mansion in Long Island. The boys then make their way to the mansion and find that it is inhabited by diamond smugglers. The real owner of the house shows up and helps save the day and defeat the smugglers and gives the boys the house as a reward.

The 12 years old cocaine smuggler

In August 2005 a 12-year-old girl was sentenced to one year in a juvenile prison for smuggling cocaine, under the Bolivian anti-narcotics law 1008. This BBC documentary follows her story, both in prison and after her release. This was not the first time she had been behind bars.

Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade - A Star Wars Fan Film 2016

in this Star Wars fan film, the Galaxy's favourite smuggler sets out on a epic quest to rescue an old friend. He uses his mechanical skills,his cunning wit,and his creative interpretation of the rules to fight,flirt,bribe and barter his way to victory. But will it be enough? Before there was a New Hope,there was Han Solo - just an outlaw trying to survive in a galaxy more corrupt than he is...and far less forgiving.

The Smuggler and Her Charges

Documentary filmmaker Michaël Prazan's captivating and personal detective story uncovers the truth behind his father's childhood escape from Nazi-occupied France, which was made possible by a female smuggler with mysterious motivations.

Smugglers 2018

Salim Shaheen film from Afghanistan

Smuggler's Ball 1952

Smuggler's Ball is the English-language title for this French-Belgian seriocomedy. The action takes place along the borders separating Belgium, Holland and France. It is here that the worldly Pierre (J. P. Kieran) carries on a profitable smuggling operation, all the while romancing Siska (Christian Lenier), the daughter of a local customs official. Various subplots and secondary characters weave in and out as the plotline guides the viewer through the WW II years. Towards the end, the story shifts gears when the Benelux Frontier Agreement eliminates all government regulations. The film's screenplay is by Charles Spaak, himself the descendant of a Belgian political family, and thus well-versed in bureaucracy and red tape.

Fury at Smugglers' Bay 1961

It is the end of the 18th century and smuggling is considered to be a legitimate spare-time occupation for most fishermen around the British shores. But when a gang of cut-throats, led by the infamous Black John (Bernard Lee) begins to lure ships onto the rocks of Smugglers Bay, and murdering their crews for the sake of loot, the fishermen begin to fear for their livelihoods. In desperation, they appeal to the local magistrate Squire Trevenyan (Peter Cushing).

Contraband 1980

Cigarette smugglers in Naples run into problems with cocaine operations being set up by a rival smuggler. Full of violence, including a women's face being burned off with a blow torch and a graphic rape scene.

The Smugglers 1968

A woman (Shirley Booth) and her stepdaughter (Carol Lynley) attempt to sneak a few souvenirs past customs, the ladies inadvertently become the couriers for an international smuggling ring. Booth and Lynley unknowingly face death at every turn as the desperate smugglers chase them up and down the Tyrol.

The Mule 2014

In 1983, a naive man is detained by Australian Federal Police with lethal narcotics hidden in his stomach. After being apprehended, ‘The Mule’ makes a desperate choice... to defy his bodily functions and withhold the evidence – literally.

The Smugglers 1968

Two young women leave claustrophobic city life behind and move to a small border town. There they meet a border guard, involved in smuggling to and from the country. Both women fall for him, resulting in jealousy.

Smugglarkungen 1985

It's the early 20s, just after World War I. In Sweden, restrictions on alcohol are harder than most people like and so, smuggling is abundant. In this particular little town, smuggling is ruled by one man, who is the king of smugglers. The smugglers who work for him don't get to keep much of the profit themselves, but if they don't work for him, they get in trouble, which his henchmen make sure. However, Albert Jansson arrives in town and starts taking up the competition with the smuggler king. Meanwhile, the police, together the customs office, try to catch the smugglers.

Smugglers' Songs 2011

Early on in this engaging historical drama, a marquis (played by the singularly droll Jacques Nolot) offers a peddler a carriage ride on a remote country road. After sizing up his benefactor, the peddler fights motion sickness to deliver his sales pitch: “I have here a few objects of wonder, pious images, pamphlets against men of the cloth, newspapers from Amsterdam and London, holy cards, quills, writing paper…”

Society Smugglers 1939

The Treasury Department plants a female agent in the office of a luggage company that is suspected of smuggling diamonds.

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