The Sea of Trees 2016

A suicidal American befriends a Japanese man lost in a forest near Mt. Fuji and the two search for a way out.

Men in Trees 2006

Men in Trees is an American romantic television comedy-drama series which premiered on September 12, 2006 on ABC and starred Anne Heche who played relationship coach Marin Frist. The series was set in the fictional town of Elmo, Alaska and concerned Marin Frist's misadventures in relationships. The premise showed at least superficial similarities to the HBO television series Sex and the City, which also featured a romantically-oriented, female writer. The protagonist's apparent "fish-out-of-water" feeling in a remote, small, Alaskan town can be likened to CBS's Northern Exposure. The protagonists in both series were New Yorkers thrust into small town Alaska societies. Filming for the series was based in Squamish, British Columbia. Five episodes of the first production season, which were not yet shown on ABC, debuted in New Zealand on the TV2 network in June 2007 and July 2007. The five carryover episodes aired on ABC after the first episode of the second production season, beginning October 19. Men In Trees was cancelled on May 4, 2008. Its final episodes aired in the summer of 2008 as a burnoff.

The Castle of Olive Trees 1993

The Castle of Olive Trees is the ancestral home of the "Laborie de Sauveterre". Located at "Châteauneuf-du-Pape", it holds many mysteries and legends. Like every summer "Estelle Laborie" goes there to take some time off. But this summer she take an important decision: run from Paris and stay here at the castle definitively. Little does she knows that her arrival will awake a lot of drama and secrets, beginning with this enigmatic "Pierre Séverin" who wants to demolish the castle to the ground, to make an amusement parc "Cigaleland". She will learn unfortunately that this "Pierre Séverin" is also knowned as "Marceau" the little boy of the steward of the castle when her father was the master of the domain. That steward also died in terrible circumstance. However Estelle decides to face this vengeance and save the castle with the aid of archaeologist "Raphaël Fauconnier"...

The Flame Trees of Thika 1981

Elspeth and her unconventional parents decide to settle down in Kenya and begin a coffee plantation. This is a time of discovery for Elspeth, as she encounters the incredible beauty and cruelty of nature, and new friendships with both Africans and British expatriates. A side plot involves the beautiful and bored British Lettice Palmer who enters into an affair with a handsome safari guide. Eventually, however, the excitement of Elspeth's life is disrupted by the onset of WW I, and the changes it brings.

Out of the Trees

Out of the Trees is a 1975 television sketch show pilot written by Graham Chapman, Douglas Adams and Bernard McKenna that was broadcast on BBC 2 in 1976. The show shared some of the stream-of-consciousness style of Monty Python's Flying Circus, of which Chapman was a member. Actors included Mark Wing-Davey and Simon Jones. The concept of the show was, according to Chapman, to follow the exploits of two modern-day linguists who would travel around a Britain gripped in rapid decline. The linguists would comment upon the origins of a word or phrase, which would then be the genesis of a sketch. Although two scripts were written, only one episode was ever filmed. It was broadcast only once by the BBC, with little promotion, at 10pm on Saturday 10 January 1976 opposite Match of the Day, and so was seen by relatively few people. The videotape recording of the show has since been wiped, as used to be common for archived BBC shows, due to the relatively high cost of videotape at the time. The film segments shot in outdoor locations survive, and consist of a sketch titled "Severance of a Peony", and some inserts intended for an item about Genghis Khan. The former was included on the DVD for Adams's 1981 TV series adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and also appeared, rewritten as an anecdote, in Chapman's book A Liar's Autobiography. Rewrites of the Genghis Khan sketch appeared in some editions of Adams's posthumous work The Salmon of Doubt as the short story "The Private Life of Genghis Khan".

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