The Late Bloomer 2016

A sex therapist goes through puberty after the successful removal of a benign tumor resting against his pituitary gland. He experiences all the changes and effects of puberty over a three-week period.

Late Bloomer 2016

Botanist Jenny fled her small town and cruel high school popular couple Shane and Allison to track rare flowers around the globe. Now back, she’s shocked to find Shane has become the local guidance counselor, and even more surprised when he’s determined to make it up to her

Late Bloomer 2004

Loosely based on the dark tales of HP Lovecraft, "Late Bloomer" is a compelling and humorous journey through a young boy's first sexual education class.

Late Bloomer 2004

Late Bloomer is the story of Sumida-san, a severely handicapped man, and his downward spiral into hell.

Late Bloomers 2011

Late Bloomers stars Isabella Rossellini and William Hurt as a married couple pulled apart by the threat of old age. Each reacts in a different way: Hurt’s distinguished architect chases after his glory days, while Rossellini’s housewife installs handrails about the house.

Late Bloomers 2006

Centers around four older ladies from the Emmental region. When four older women decide to turn the local corner shop into a chic lingerie store, the whole community is thrown into disarray.

Late Bloomers 1996

High School basketball coach, Dinah Groshardt, falls for the school secretary, Carly Lumpkin, and upsets the entire school in the process.

Late Bloomer 2010

Sean is a loser, spending his summer shoveling sawdust and wasting away. His best mate forms a plan to dig them out their rut until Sean falls for a local girl who quickly drags him (and his mind) back down into the gutter.

Bloomers 2013

When Stella realises she's the only girl in her class who doesn't have her period, she sets out to fast-track her way to womanhood through somewhat unconventional methods.

Bloomer Bottled Up 1915

The unexpected arrival of his mother-in-law causes uncontrollable hysteria in Kri-Kri's home. Determined to scare her off, indeed get rid of her, he starts developing Machiavellian plans. Trying to poison, sabotage and beat her up, Kri-Kri stops at nothing to attempt to frighten his terrible mother-in-law, to the great displeasure of his sweet wife.

Un sogno di Kri Kri 1913

Kri Kri falls asleep at the dinner table and dreams he's one of the Three Musketeers.

Kri Kri domestico 1913

Kri-Kri fools his friend by pretending to be him in the mirror.

Kri Kri imita Pegoud 1914

Short comedy with the character Kri Kri, in which he tries to emulate the famous French stunt pilot Adolphe Pégoud.

Auntie's Bloomers

Auntie's Bloomers was a blooper show hosted by Terry Wogan that ran from 29 December 1991 to 29 December 2001 and aired on BBC1. Most bloopers consisted of homegrown BBC programmes including soaps, sitcoms, dramas and news. The first two episodes of the show were made by independent production company Celador. Their contract to produce the show expired after the broadcast of the second episode on 27 December 1992 and was not renewed, leaving the BBC to produce the show themselves from 1994 to 2001. The show's carried a strong BBC theme, most notably throughout the mid-90s where the set was supposedly the BBC archive, and the opening titles consisted of a mysterious figure entering the BBC Television Centre and retrieving archive footage from a safe. The programme's title comes from the affectionate nickname "Auntie Beeb" by which the BBC is often referred. The show was replaced by Outtake TV in 2002, a show similar in concept but with slightly less emphasis on BBC-only material.

Bloomers 1979

Bloomers was a short-lived British sitcom starring Richard Beckinsale that was aired in 1979. It was in production in 1979 but only five episodes were made before Beckinsale died suddenly from a heart attack just before a planned rehearsal for the sixth and final episode of the first series. Bloomers was immediately shelved, though the five completed episodes were broadcast later in the same year.

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