The Dark Corner 1946

Ex con turned private investigator Bradford Galt suspects someone is following him and maybe even trying to kill him. With the assistance of his spunky secretary, Kathleen Stewart, he dives deep into a mystery in search of answers.

The Corner 2000

The Corner presents the world of Fayette Street using real names and real events. The miniseries tells the true story of men, women and children living amid the open-air drug markets of West Baltimore. It chronicles a year in the lives of 15-year-old DeAndre McCullough, his mother Fran Boyd, and his father Gary McCullough, as well as other addicts and low-level drug dealers caught up in the twin-engine economy of heroin and cocaine.

Corner Gas 2004

Following the adventures of a bunch of nobodies who get up to a whole lot of nothing in the fictional prairie town of Dog River, Saskatchewan, Corner Gas focuses on the life (or lack thereof) of Brent LeRoy, proprietor of a gas station that is the only stop for miles around and a hub of action on the Prairies.

Corner Gas Animated 2018

It's been a few years, and there's still not a lot going on in Dog River, 40 kilometres from nowhere. But that's all about to change.

In This Corner of the World 2018

18-year-old Urano Suzu marries Hojo Shusaku and moves from Eba City to Kure City in Hiroshima Prefecture in the middle of the Pacific War. As Japan slides into a war it cannot get out of, the townspeople go on with their “ordinary” lives. Supplies are short, and family and friends get sent to the battlefield. Suzu and the Hojo family battle such anxieties as they try to live positively.

The Corner Bar 1972

The Corner Bar is an American situation comedy that aired on ABC from June 1972 to September 1973.

Four Corners 1961

Four Corners is Australia's longest-running investigative journalism/current affairs television program. Broadcast on ABC1 in Australia, it premiered on 19 August 1961 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011. Founding producer Robert Raymond and his successor Allan Ashbolt did much to set the ongoing tone of the program. Based on the Panorama concept, the program addresses a single issue in depth each week, showing either a locally produced program or a relevant documentary from overseas. The program has won many awards for investigative journalism, and broken many high-profile stories. A notable early example of this was the show's epoch-making 1962 exposé on the appalling living conditions endured by many Aboriginal Australians living in rural New South Wales.

Corner With Love 2007

Xin Lei, a girl from a wealthy family, and Qin Lang, a guy who came to Shanghai to pursue his dream of becoming an artist, meet by accident at a corner when her car and his bike crash into each other. They meet again when Xin Lei goes to the restaurant that Qin Lang works at. They truly get to know each other when Xin Lei asks him to teach her how to make oyster pancakes. Then, Xin Lei's parents' company goes bankrupt. Without telling her, Xin Lei's parents go into hiding, leaving only a plane ticket and a key to their house in Taiwan. To make matters worse, Xin Lei's fiance breaks the engagement, due to his parents' wishes. The only two people she has now are Qin Lang and her best friend Xi Xian. Qin Lang then tells her that he is leaving for Taiwan, so they bade farewell. When Xin Lei arrives in Taiwan, she finds out that Qin Lang's family has been living in the house for years! After much controversy, Qin Lang's grandmother finally lets her stay. Thus begins a magical love story.

Welcome to Pooh Corner 1983

Welcome to Pooh Corner is a live-action/puppet television series that aired on Disney Channel, featuring the characters from the Winnie the Pooh universe portrayed by actors in human-sized puppet suits, except Roo, who was originally a traditional puppet. The animatronic costumes used for the characters were created by Alchemy II, Inc., headed by Ken Forsse who later created the toy sensation Teddy Ruxpin. It was first aired on April 18, 1983, the day Disney Channel was launched, being the first Disney Channel Original Series. Its timeslot for its early run was at 7 AM Eastern Time, making it the first program of the Disney Channel's 16 hour programming day. The series was partially Disney Channel's first original series. Hal Smith, Will Ryan, and Laurie Main were the only three actors from the original four Pooh shorts to reprise their roles here. The show's title derives from the second Winnie the Pooh storybook, The House at Pooh Corner.

Four Corners 1998

In a growing southwestern community where old-fashioned values are at odds with changing times, Amanda Wyatt is forced to run her sprawling ranch while fighting off encroaching developers after the death of her husband. Living in a town in transition, where migrant workers toil just down the road from upscale ski resorts, Amanda finds solace in her friendship with the widowed Carlota Alvarez, as both try to keep their children on track.

Corner the Con Man 1997

Corner the Con Man is a TVB television series, premiering in 1997. The theme song "Splendid Story", and subtheme song "Has You Rarely" was composed by Joseph Koo, lyrics by Wong Jim, arrangement by Joseph Koo and Chiu Tsang Hei, and sung by Roman Tam.

Kid in the Corner 1999

As a couple struggles to cope with the difficulties of raising a child with Attention Deficit Disorder, they fight with a society that can’t agree on what do to with him.

Around the Corner with John McGivern 2012

Emmy Award-winning actor John McGivern explores what it's like to live, work and play in 13 different communities in Wisconsin. He will talk to employers, residents and “enjoyers” of these neighborhoods. What he finds is that they are all different - and all the same. John Gurda, local history expert, reveals the past of the featured community and maps out the boundaries so you’ll know where to go if you want to do your own exploring.

Four Corners of Fear 2013

The cast and crew of "The Blair Witch Project" attempt to produce a belated follow-up with the involvement of a Hollywood superstar.

Craft Corner Deathmatch 2005

Craft Corner Deathmatch was a television show aired on the Style Network in 2005. Two contestants are challenged by host Jason Jones to make things such as notebooks and handbags out of various objects. After ten minutes, the contestants show their projects to a panel of judges who then rate it on a scale from one to ten. After two rounds, the winner faces the Craft Lady of Steel for a bonus prize. Craft Corner Death Match had a wide range of celeb judges from Betsy Johnson to Michael Kors. The show aired about 20 episodes and then due to bad ratings, was taken off the air.

The Fifth Corner 1992

The Fifth Corner was a very short-lived American television series which aired on NBC and produced by TriStar Television in 1992. The two-hour pilot aired on April 17, 1992, and one final episode aired the week after.

You Can't See Round Corners

You Can't See 'Round Corners is an early Australian TV series based on the novel by Jon Cleary, updated to be set during the Vietnam War. It was shot in black and white, and was later adapted into a film version.

Speakers' Corner

Speakers' Corner is a television series that aired weekly on Citytv and A stations in Canada, later CTV Two), featuring numerous short segments on a variety of topics as recorded by members of the general public in the form of rants, big-ups, shoutouts, jokes, music performances, etc. After the video was complete, it was edited for television. The show was an example of Citytv founder Moses Znaimer's philosophy of interactive broadcasting. Rogers Media, owners of Citytv stations since 2007 from CHUM Limited, announced the cancellation of the series on August 31, 2008, citing the emergence of other interactive media.

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