Samurai Rebellion 1967

The mother of a feudal lord's only heir is kidnapped away from her husband by the lord. The husband and his samurai father must decide whether to accept the unjust decision, or risk death to get her back.

Hirokin: The Last Samurai 2012

In a planet where humans must scavenge the post-apocalyptic barren wasteland, Hirokin – a reluctant warrior with a dark past – sets off on mission to fulfill his destiny. Having fought to the death to save his wife and son from the planets evil dictator – Griffin – and his elite army of hunters, the lone warrior is left for dead in the vast desert. Armed with his samurai blade, Hirokin is forced to choose between avenging the murder of his family and fighting for the freedom his people. In a twist of fate and with a small rebellion by his side Hirokin s vision finally becomes clear.

Love or Duty: Samurai Rebellion 2013

In the Edo period of Japan, a samurai’s life belonged to his lord. On the battlefield or in the home, a loyal samurai must always obey his lord’s commands. This is the tragic story of one such loyal samurai, whose love for his family forced him to make the ultimate choice of disobeying the wishes of his lord.

Rebellion 2016

A group of young men and women in Dublin in 1916 are embroiled in a fight for independence during the Easter Rising.The story begins with the outbreak of World War I. As expectations of a short and glorious campaign are dashed, social stability is eroded and Irish nationalism comes to the fore. The tumultuous events that follow are seen through the eyes of a group of friends from Dublin, Belfast and London as they play vital and conflicting roles in the narrative of Ireland's independence.

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