Red Rose White Rose 1994

Chronicles the love life of a man, Zhenbao. He has a steamy fling with the wife of a friend, the saucy and exciting Red Rose. Even though he feels happy with her, he knows he will not end up with her. To maintain his reputation, he marries an antiseptic, frigid but classy lady of a prim and proper background (White rose). Dissonance abound when he finds his bride irritating.

Red Rose 2005

Robert Burns overcomes his upbringing as a farm labourer to become the national poet of Scotland. Love comes his way in the form of Jean Armour but his attempts at securing a happy relationship are blighted by Jean's father who disapproves of Burns. Finally, Jean and Robbie are married and Burns tries to settle down to a happy married life, but the success of his literary career brings with it many temptations and he is unable to resist the attention of the aristocratic women who fawn upon him. Finding difficulties in supporting his growing family of children, Burns seeks work as a local tax and excise officer in the port of Dumfries when Britain is threatened by the spread of the French Revolution

Red Rose 2014

A politically complacent middle-aged man and a young pro-democracy activist debate about the future of their country while hiding from the police, in this fascinating drama that blends scripted scenes with on-the-ground footage from Iran’s 2009 Green Revolution.

Red Rose 1980

Anand lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay in a palatial house, and runs a business 'Export India'. While shopping at Roopsagar Clothing Store, he meets one of the Sales Clerks', Sharda, and falls in love with her. Shortly thereafter he proposes to her, she accepts, and both marry at the Registrar of Marriages. Sharda is shown around Anand's house, and the guest-house which houses his ex-convict father. Sharda soon settles in, establishes a Devi Maa Durga Mandir, but will find her life turning upside down when she discovers a deadly secret from Anand's past.

Rose Red 1994

Simon Pummell's (Bodysong) visually ravishing sci-fi thriller exploring the future of virtual reality and the desire to transcend human limits. The theft of an experimental drug to suppress the immune system reveals a case of virtual reality addiction and forces a detective to confront his nightmares.

Rose Red 2002

A group of people with psychic powers are invited to spend the night in a haunted house.

Rose Red

The film places Rose Red into the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarves story, adding her into the third act of the tale, after Snow White takes the bite of the poison apple, Rose Red teams with Grumpy and the dwarves to find a way to break the curse. This film currently has no official release date.

Red Rose of Normandy 2011

Klaus Muller, a battle-hardened veteran, finds himself fighting for his life on the Russian front. Surrounded by overwhelming numbers of Russian tanks and planes, he and his men are doomed until famed German tank ace, Michael Wittmann, shows up in his Tiger Tank and saves the day. Once wounded, Klaus is transferred to Normandy to serve under Field Marshal Rommel just days before the Allied invasion. Much to his surprise, he finds that his beloved Klaudia is also stationed nearby as a field nurse. Unfortunately, so is her father, who is working with the French resistance and now finds himself pursued by the ruthless Gestapo officer Brahms, whose search leads him to Klaus and Klaudia attempting a rescue. They are caught and imprisoned. As D-Day begins and the Allies attack from the beaches and the sky, they escape from the prison, fighting the Gestapo in the middle of the biggest invasion in world history... Written by tino struckmann

So Red the Rose 1935

SO RED THE ROSE is King Vidor's quietly affecting Civil War romance, starring Margaret Sullavan as a Southern aristocrat, the mistress of a Southern plantation, whose sheltered life is torn apart by the War between the States. During the war's darkest days she is sustained by her love for a distant cousin, a Confederate officer, played by Randolph Scott.

Snow-White and Rose-Red 1979

In an enchanted forest, the princely brothers Michael and Andreas get lost and are transformed, by a mountain spirit who jealously guards his underground treasure, into animals until the unlikely event of sincere love from a human. The only persons who may be able to give such love are the local commoner sisters Snow-white and Rose-red, who are kind and helpful by nature and stand to harvest unimagined rewards.

Normandy 2011

Caught in the middle of the advancing Allies and the fanatical Gestapo during World War II, Klaus -a battle-hardened soldier- and Klaudia must fight their way out and away, only to make one last stand together surrounded in the middle of D-Day -the biggest invasion in world history.

Snow White and Rose Red 1955

Snow White and her sister Rose Red try to help two princes stop an evil dwarf from robbing the royalty of their wealth.

Red Roses 1940

A comedy of errors about marriage and infidelity. Vittorio De Sica's debut film.

Black Rose Stands for Sorrow Red Rose Stands for Love 1989

In the heady days just prior to the collapse of the Soviet system in Russia, a satirical, anarchistic comedy such as this was just the sort of film to attract huge audiences. Told with the rapid-fire imagery and insistent soundtrack of a music video, it tells the story of Aleksandra (Tatyana Drubich), a self-centered 20-year old girl who escapes from her tiny apartment after she has been locked into by her father it to make her study for her exams.

A Black Rose Is an Emblem of Sorrow, a Red Rose an Emblem of Love 1989

The story happens mainly around "The Old Arbat Street" in the center of Moscow, where always concentrate vendors, poor young artists and musicians. The hero of this film is a boy named Mitiya,who lives with eccentric elder friend in an apartment house on "The Old Arbat". In fact, people who then appear around Mitiya are all unique, eccentric and the space of the apartment house begins to have an unrealistic character as a miniature of unstable society in the end of Soviet Union.

When You Wore a Tulip and I Wore a Big Red Rose 1983

In the early 1980s, documentary filmmaker Stephen Schaller was instrumental in the rediscovery and restoration of The Lumberjack (1914), the oldest surviving film made in Wisconsin, and produced by a group of itinerant filmmakers who traveled from town to town making "local talent" pictures. Schaller's lovely and sometimes deeply emotional, 63-minute journal/essay film offers a look at the making of the Wausau, Wisconsin classic, including interviews with the one surviving cast member and the relatives of others who appeared in the movie.

Rose Red 2002

Rose Red is a television miniseries scripted by horror novelist Stephen King. The series was premiered in the United States on ABC on January 27, 2002. The story involves a cavernous Seattle mansion called Rose Red, which is investigated by parapsychologist Dr. Joyce Reardon and a team of psychics.

Red Roses 2006

Rote Rosen is a German telenovela produced by Studio Hamburg Serienwerft Lüneburg and broadcast by Das Erste since November 6, 2006. The show is a complex telenovela, who tells one love story every season about women in their forties.

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