Human Pork Chop 2001

The dismembered body of a hooker is found, and police arrest her pimp and his crew for the crime. During interrogation, they explain how the girl stole from her pimp, and so they group kidnapped, raped, tortured, and finally murdered and dismembered her.

Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang is a Chinese television series based on the life of Zhuge Liang, a chancellor of the state of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period. The plot is based on stories about Zhuge Liang in Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The series starred Li Fazeng as the titular character and was first aired on Hubei TV in mainland China in 1985.

Bu Liang Ren 2016

Three organizations were in competition for a sword kept by Bu Liang Ren, a police agency loyal to the crown, that would unlock late Tang Dynasty's vast hidden treasure. The guardians of Li Xing Yu and Lu Lin Xuan were killed in one of the cross fires, but the kids were saved by Yang Shu Zi, the keeper of the sword, and taught to fight. One day, Yang Shu Zi disappeared and the kids went in search for him. Along the way, they were hunted by agents from the three organizations who intended to get hold of the sword through them.

Pretty Li Hui Zhen 2017

Li Huizhen used to be gorgeous, but years of declining family fortune added much pain to her life, and her looks slowly drifted away. Her friend Bai Haoyu, on the other hand, was once an ordinary looking guy and grew up to be suave, successful, and immensely likable. So when she comes across him years later and witnesses their reversal of fortune, Li Huizhen is too embarrassed to even meet him and instead asks her stylish friend and roommate Xia Qiao to assume her identity. But when Huizhen lands an internship at a company that she has been trying to break into, she is shocked to find out that Haoyu is her new boss.

Red Sorghum 2014

Red Sorghum is a Chinese television series based on Nobel laureate Mo Yan's 1986/1987 eponymous novel. Directed by Zheng Xiaolong, it also features the highly-anticipated return of actress Zhou Xun to television after 10 years.

Perfect Couple 2014

During the Ming Dynasty, Yu Qi Lin came to the capital with her foster mother’s token, alone. She ran into arrogant young master Jin Yuan Bao, son of the Jin family. Yu Qi Ling accidentally marries Jin Yuan Bao under a false identity. Luckily, she was saved by Gu Chang Feng and coincidentally learned that his mother was the only insider who knew her foster mother was framed back then. With truth coming out, Madam Jin finally came to her senses, and the Jin family took Yu Qi Ling in again.

Miss No Good 2008

Miss No Good is a 2008 Taiwanese drama starring Rainie Yang, Wilber Pan and Dean Fujioka. It was produced by Comic Ritz International Production with Chai Zhiping as producer and directed by Zhang Boyu. The series was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air Chinese Television System from 7 September 2008 to 7 December 2008, every Sunday from 22:00 to 23:30 and cable TV Eastern Television from 13 September 2008 to 13 December 2008, every Saturday at 20:00 to 21:30. In August 2009- October 2009 an international broadcast on leading Filipino network ABS-CBN aired and dubbed in Tagalog on its Afternoon block it also had a re broadcast on its sister channel Studio 23 the series also reaired successfully in January 2010 on its morning back entitled Miss No Good:The Return

Fall In Love With Me 2014

Lu Tian Xing is a prodigy in Asia's advertising field. Rich, famous, and mightily successful, he suddenly announces during a press conference that he will be taking a three-month break from the advertising life. With a simple disguise, he transforms himself into "Xiao Lu." Enter Tao Le Si, a young woman who promised her late brother to protect his advertisement agency and his legacy. Unfortunately business never picks up and Le Si had to battle with Tian Xing to stop her company from being sold. When Xiao Lu enters her office doors, Le Si initially thinks that he's Tian Xing but the two men's personalities are complete opposites. Le Si finds herself drawn to Xiao Lu's warm temperament, but will their love last once she discovers the truth of his identity?

Beauty On the Run 2013

Everyone wants to be a millionaire, the question is how? There are drug lords, wealthy exporters, corrupt politicians and transport companies. Who will make it to the top first? But watch out for the ghost as it lurks just around the corner.

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