Grave Secrets 2016

A secret is never safe, even when it is buried six feet under. This series reveals the skeletons we hide in the closet and the fear of falling under suspicion. To unravel a murder...

One Foot in the Grave 1990

One Foot in the Grave is a BBC television sitcom series written by David Renwick. The show ran for six series, including seven Christmas specials, two Comic Relief specials, over an eleven-year period, from early 1990 to late 2000. The latter Comic Relief special was shown after the series officially ended in spring 2001. The series features the exploits of Victor Meldrew, played by Richard Wilson, and his long-suffering wife, Margaret, played by Annette Crosbie. The programmes invariably deal with Meldrew's battle against the problems he creates for himself. Living in a typical household in an unnamed English suburb, Victor takes involuntary early retirement. His various efforts to keep himself busy, while encountering various misfortunes and misunderstandings are the themes of the sitcom. The series was largely filmed on location in Walkford, near New Milton in Hampshire, although several clues show that the series may have been set in Hampshire – possibly Winchester. Despite its traditional production, the series supplants its domestic sitcom setting with elements of black humour and surrealism. The series was occasionally the subject of controversy for some of its darker story elements, but was nevertheless the recipient of a number of awards, including the 1992 BAFTA for Best Comedy. In 2004, the series came tenth in a 2004 BBC poll to find "Britain's Best Sitcom". The programme also came 80th in the British Film Institute's 100 Greatest British Television Programmes. The series, originally shown on BBC One, is now available on DVD and is regularly repeated in the United Kingdom on Gold. Seven episodes were remade for BBC Radio 2 and the series also inspired a novel.

Graves 2016

Former two-term President Richard Graves embarks on a Don Quixote-like quest to right the wrongs of his administration and reclaim his legacy 25 years after leaving the White House. His enlightenment takes place just as his wife Margaret Graves decides it’s finally time for her to pursue her own political ambitions.

Cradle to Grave 2015

It's 1974 and 15 year-old Danny is our guide through the ups and downs of life with the Baker family. With eldest daughter Sharon's wedding looming and the docks facing closure, times are challenging. So too are Danny's attempts to get closer to the opposite sex. A TV show showing the ups and downs of the well known Danny baker and his friends during childhood.

Graveyard Carz 2012

Graveyard Carz is a reality television series that currently airs on Velocity. The show documents the select crew at Mark Worman's collision shop Welby's Car Care and their restoration, research and documentation of Chrysler vehicles. The restoration footage is bookended by Worman's musings and commentary, usually at his workers' expense. The crew also provides commentary on the projects, as well as about working with each other. Occasionally the owners of cars being restored visit the shop and tell their story. It is made on location at Worman's collision shop in Springfield, Oregon.

Gravedale High 1990

Gravedale High is an animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera for NBC Productions. The series premiered in the fall of 1990 on NBC and lasted thirteen episodes. The show was developed as an animated vehicle for Moranis, who had star appearances in the Ghostbusters movies and the popular film series, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, and would later appear in the 1994 live-action film adaptation of another Hanna-Barbera series, The Flintstones.

Grave Mysteries 2017

In a gripping six-part mini-series, police pursue baffling murder cases. To catch the killer, detectives must reconstruct the victim's life.

Major Crimes 2012

Major Crimes explores how the American justice system approaches the art of the deals as law enforcement officers and prosecutors work together to score a conviction. Los Angeles Police Captain Sharon Raydor heads up a special squad within the LAPD that deals with high-profile or particularly sensitive crimes.

Defying Gravity 2009

Defying Gravity is a multi-nationally produced space travel television science fiction drama series which first aired on August 2, 2009 on ABC and CTV and was canceled in the autumn of 2009. Set in the year 2052, the series follows eight astronauts from four countries on a six-year space mission through the Solar System, during which they are monitored from Earth via a real-time communication system. The series was pitched to networks as "Grey's Anatomy in space". Thirteen episodes of the series were produced before it was cancelled, only eight of which were shown on ABC, though the full run was shown in other countries or online.

The Graveyard Story 2016

The restless souls of the dead will linger on, trapped in limbo between death and afterlife if their plights are not heard. They will wait for someone to tell their stories to finally set their spirits free. These are their stories, as told by Grandma Gala and Grandpa Galee, the immortal guardians of the graveyard. The restless dead, will they ever find peace? Watch this Thai horror series, The Graveyard Story, only on #iflix!

Fatal Experiments: The Downfall of a Supersurgeon 2016

The series investigates Paolo Macchiarini’s claims to have invented a ground-breaking method to create new organs. His method using plastic tracheas sown with stemcells has been operated on patients in the US, Russia, Sweden and the UK. So far, unfortunately, the track record of his plastic organs is not very good. Almost all patients are dead. And several of his former surgeon colleagues in Sweden claim that not only does the method not work, but that his scientific claim to fame is based on falsified and misrepresented data. Some even claim that his patients have been used as human guinea-pigs.

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