Good and Evil 1975

Jørgen Leth can squeeze poetry from a stone and wit from dust, and he can find love where the milk of human kindness runs dry. In a series of tableaux of Life in Denmark, he carries absurdism to a happy extreme. To act out his minuscule non-dramas, he uses a motley crew of professional actors like Ghita Nørby and Claus Nissen, writer Dan Turéll plus a snake charmer, a bicycle racer and a circus queen.

House of Good and Evil 2013

After a family tragedy in the chaotic city, Chris and Maggie Conley, in a last-ditch effort to save their dying marriage, purchase an isolated home in the deepest woods, to which they quickly discover evil has a key.

Good Against Evil 1977

Dack Rambo and Elyssa Davalos star as sweethearts Andy Stuart and Jessica Gordon. The course of true love is messed up when Satan claims Jessica as his own personal property. Desperately, Andy turns to a pair of priests, Fathers Kemschler and Wheatley, for spiritual guidance, not to mention a bit of brute force in purging poor Jessica of her demons.

Good Will Evil 2008

Xiaoyun loses his entire family in a car accident. A few years later she was adopted by a couple who believe that a child can get to their ever more rooted relationship. It will not be long before strange things start happening around Xiaoyun.

Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil 1999

Human, All Too Human is a three-part 1999 documentary television series produced by the BBC. It follows the lives of three prominent European philosophers: Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, and Jean-Paul Sartre. The first episode is titled Beyond Good and Evil, which is about Friedrich Nietzsche and his gradual shift from religion, to nihilism, and finally to insanity. His sister presented the National Socialists (Nazis) with heavily modified versions[citation needed] of Nietzsche's writings that were interpreted as a pro-Nazi agenda; to advance the superior race of the Übermensch, the "superman", the perfect Aryan.

Toy Machine - Good And Evil

Toy Machine Good And Evil DVD Starring Ed Templeton, Josh Harmony, Austin Stephens, Diego Bucchieri, Billy Marks, Johnny Layton and Matt Bennett. Dvd includes over 25 bonus features and 6 photo galleries. Purchase is Mandatory!!

Beyond Good and Evil 1977

The life and ideas of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. A love triangle unfolds as Nietzsche and his best friend decides to live with a Jewish woman. According to Nietzsche's philosophy, that is beyond all morality. Depicting Nietzsche's opium addiction and madness meritorious.

Full Metal Jacket: Between Good and Evil 2007

Follow Stanley Kubrick as he creates his savage and brilliant Vietnam film, hewing closely to the theme that dominated his creative life for four decades - the duality of human nature. Poised between good and evil, mankind was, in Kubrick's view, a complex creature equally capable of unspeakable savagery and heart-melting tenderness. Full Metal Jacket would make his case in vivid, blood-soaked Technicolor. Through interviews with Kubrick's collaborators and cast members, including Vincent D'Onofrio, Lee Ermey and Adam Baldwin, this documentary reveals how Kubrick's brilliant visual sense, astute knowledge of human nature, and unique perspective on the duality of man came together to make Full Metal Jacket an unforgettable cinematic experience, taking its place in his "war trilogy" alongside cinematic landmarks Fear and Desire and Paths of Glory.

The Good of Evil: A Zon's Life Short 2018

Evil Flaming Death is one of the most infamous villains of Planet Creation, a planet that divides the citizens from the criminals with a giant wall that completely surrounds the planet. After a failed attempt at making an evil clone of his archrival, Zon Inferno Awesomeness, Evil is now the "father" of a girl named Zonia Sparkles Death. While all his henchman love Zonia, Evil remains extremely distant, but when Father's Day comes around Zonia attempts to crack open his cold, unyielding heart.

MetalHeads: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil 2008

A tragic-comedy that finally offers an accurate representation of the heavy metal lifestyle, Bill Zebub's Metalheads stars Emily Thomas as a hard rock honey who just can't get enough of long hair, ripped jeans, and loud guitars.

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil & The Presidency 2007

A fascinating account of the presidency of Andrew Jackson, who was both one of America's great presidents and a borderline tyrant. The seventh president shook up the glossy world of Washington, DC with his "common-man" methods and ideals, but also oversaw one of the most controversial events in American history: the forced removal of Indian tribes, including the Cherokees, from their homes.

Michel Foucault: Beyond Good and Evil 1993

The 1993 documentary film Michel Foucault: Beyond Good and Evil explores the philosopher and his complex and controversial life through interviews with colleagues and biographers and re-enactments of Foucault’s storied exploits in the American counterculture.

Donald's Better Self 1938

Schoolboy Donald is torn between his angel and devil sides, though in Donald's case, the devil side isn't hard to resist. But the smoking he's encouraged to do turns him green and gives him regrets, and when the good side shows up and kicks evil's butt, Donald cheers.

Good & Evil 1991

Good & Evil is a situation comedy which was broadcast in the United States by ABC from September 25, 1991 until October 30, 1991. The series was created by Susan Harris, and produced by Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions in association with Touchstone Television.

G vs E 1999

G vs E is an American fantasy-based television action series that had its first season air on USA Network during the summer and autumn of 1999. For the second season the series switched to Sci-Fi Channel in early 2000. The series stars Clayton Rohner, Richard Brooks and Marshall Bell. G vs E pitted a group of agents who are assigned to "the Corps", a secret agency under the command of Heaven, against the "Morlocks", a group of evildoers from Hell. The series has a 1970s retro-hip style that is similar to Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. The show is fast-moving and harkens back to the blaxploitation films of the 1970s. It also mixes spy-fi elements with the end of the millennium Zeitgeist of the late 1990s. NBC Universal's horror-themed cable channel Chiller, which launched on March 1, 2007, aired G vs. E as part of its premiere schedule.

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