Blood and Wine 1996

A man who has failed as a father and husband commits a heist to make money for his fledging business, but things become complicated when his wife interferes.

Wine Tasting 2017

Wine Tasting follows the lives of four men who are professional wine tasters. They sacrifice considerable sums of money and time in order to pass the sommelier exam. Their relationship is tested when one out of the four guys doesn't pass - leading to a series of scandalous repercussions.

André: The Voice of Wine 2017

André - The Voice of Wine takes us on a cinematic journey from Russia through Europe to America as we embrace the story of André Tchelistcheff, who devoted his life to the ancient craft of winemaking. André was a Russian aristocrat who spent his early years working and studying all around Europe before going to Napa Valley, California, where his life was filled with both tragedy and success as he helped to move the Californian wine industry from a virtually moribund state after the repeal of Prohibition. He had a direct impact on the 1976 Paris blind tasting, known as the ‘Judgement of Paris’, staged by Steven Spurrier which turned the world of wine upside down. André was not a businessman, but an artist and scientist whose heart and soul were devoted to wine. His philosophy about life and his love for wine continues to influence generations of wine makers throughout the world.

Days of Wine and Roses 1962

An alcoholic falls in love with and gets married to a young woman, whom he systematically addicts to booze so they can share his "passion" together.

Hollywood & Wine 2011

Diane Blaine has the face of a movie star. Unfortunately, fallen star/tabloid queen Jamie Stephens already made it famous. Hollywoods constant rejection due to what Diane refers to as "TJS" ("Too Jamie Stephens") has made her bitter, frustrated....and, yes, whiny. Co-worker/boyfriend Jack Sanders doesn't help matters. His idea of ambition is letting it ride. Now he's in major debt to a trigger-happy mobster who, interestingly enough, has a thing for Jamie Stephens. Jack's only way out? Convince Diane to be Jamie and wipe out the debt having one meal with a made man. It's literally the performance of her life. With Jack's on the line.

Red Wine 2013

An investigatory story that centers around an Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ratheesh Vasudevan who uncovers the mystery behind the illicit killing of a young communist, Anoop.

Blood Into Wine 2010

Music fans know Maynard James Keenan as the frontman of such bands as Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer, but in this documentary filmmakers Christopher Pomerenke and Ryan Page offer a closer look at one of the prolific rocker's more unexpected hobbies -- winemaking. Along with his business partner Eric Glomski, Keenan has managed to transform an arid stretch of Arizona desert into a lush vineyard that yields some particularly tasty grapes. Through unguarded conversations with Keenan and Glomski, Pomerenke and Page discover just what got the pair interested in winemaking, and why they chose such a hostile natural environment to serve as the site of their winery.

Wine Wars 2017

When a world renowned Chinese sommelier residing in France is contacted by his childhood buddy in China to help him auction for a bottle of 1855 vintage wine on behalf of the Chinese government, he agrees without question. Little does he realize he is about to be sucked into an age-old feud between rivaling vineyards and a historical mystery that might shatter the whole oenological industry.

May Wine 1990

A middle-aged woman and her daughter unknowingly become romantically involved with the same man while vacationing in France.

Spring and Port Wine 1970

A stern father and lenient mother try to deal with the ups and downs of their four children's lives in working class Bolton.

The Colour of Wine 2018

If there’s a message in the bottle, then Omotoso presupposes it’s not only about a winemaker but a country. Through the lens of first generation black vintners, The Colour of Wine looks at the history of South Africa wine-making and how we are still working to eradicate the ignoble rot of apartheid from our vineyards. The personal stories of four winemakers are blended with interviews of wine experts from around the world to tell the bigger story of a passionate group who are bringing about transformation in the industry, one glass at a time. This is the fifth film for renowned director Omotoso, whose works include God is African, Man on Ground and Vaya, all of which have premiered and won awards at festivals around the world.

Days of Wine and Roses 1958

An alcoholic falls in love with and gets married to a young woman, whom he systematically addicts to booze so they can share his "passion" together.

Wine for the Confused 2004

Wine is confusing…overwhelming even. So where do you start if you want to learn more about it? Join John Cleese on an entertaining and personal look at the world of winemaking and discover: how to find wines that taste good to you, how to make sure you get the best value and how to keep and serve wine at home.

Our Blood Is Wine 2018

Filmmaker Emily Railsback and award-winning sommelier Jeremy Quinn provide intimate access to rural family life in the Republic of Georgia as they explore the rebirth of 8,000-year-old wine-making traditions almost lost during the period of Soviet rule.

Breakfast Wine 2013

In Ireland they say it takes just three alcoholics to keep a small bar running in a country town. But what if you've only got two?

The Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Women and War 1973

After Col. Steve Austin fails to retrieve the contents of a safe owned by arms dealer Arlen Findletter, he takes up an friendly offer of a holiday in the Bahamas. There he runs into Soviet Agent Alexi Kaslov and his lovely assistant Katrina Volana, who also happen to be out to find Findletter. Is it a coincidence, or was Steve's trip all part of one of Oscar Goldman's missions?

Noon Wine 1966

A dark tragedy about a farmer's futile act of homicide that takes place on a small dairy farm in southern Texas during the 1890s. Sam Peckinpah directed this original adaptation of the Katherine Anne Porter novel for ABC, and the project became an hour-long presentation for ABC Stage 67, premiering on Nov. 23, 1966.

First of the Summer Wine 1988

First of the Summer Wine is a sitcom written by Roy Clarke that aired on BBC1. The pilot originally aired on 3 January 1988, and the first series of episodes followed on 4 September 1988. The show ran for two series of six episodes each, with the final episode airing on 8 October 1989. The pilot episode was produced and directed by Gareth Gwenlan. Both series of episodes were produced and directed by Mike Stephens. The BBC has never shown repeats of the show, although repeats do occasionally appear in the UK on satellite station Gold. The show was broadcast in Australia on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation network in the early 1990s. First of the Summer Wine was a prequel to Clarke's long running show, Last of the Summer Wine, portraying the youth of the principal characters from the mother show in the months leading up to World War II. With the possibility of war hanging over them, the young men and women enjoy their youth while trying to find a place for themselves in the world. The show used young, mostly unknown actors to play the characters, with only two actors from the original series making an appearance in the prequel.

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