The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth 2014

"2 million people were murdered in the Majdanek camp of Nazi Germany." This original death toll precipitously dropped over the decades, and currently stands at 78,000. 5 of the 7 originally claimed "gas chambers" have been abandoned by the local Museum. This film explains the reasons for these drastic revisions, and proves that the current claims are still fraught with lies and exaggerations.

Dream of the Red Chamber 1943

Drama - In this Chinese costume epic, set during the 1700s in China, a prominent family loses its good luck when one of the sons loses the jade chip that was embedded in his mouth. Their luck returns when the chip is found. Unfortunately the lad brings ruination upon the family when he marries against his father's will.

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin 1978

The anti-Ching patriots, under the guidance of Ho Kuang-han, have secretly set up their base in Canton, disguised as school masters. During a brutal Manchu attack, Lui manages to escape, and devotes himself to learning the martial arts in order to seek revenge.

The Dream of the Red Chamber 1962

The Ching Dynasty novel The Dream of The Red Chamber is not only the most widely read, but also the most filmed book in Chinese history. The sprawling love story has proven a challenge to many filmmakers, but this version is acclaimed as the most successful. A sumptuous feature which took three years of planning and another for production, it was a hugely popular and critical hit which still stands out as a classic of both 18th century literature and 1960s moviemaking.

The Secret Chamber of the Evil Woman 1984

Dong-hyuk's grandfather leaves him a mansion in his will. Dong-hyuk returns to Korea to take care of the place. However, he almost loses his life in the mansion. Every time he is in danger, Dong-hyuk escapes danger by the power of the Buddhist relic his mother gave him. Dong-hyuk goes to see the head Buddhist priest at Dae-rim Temple. Buddhist priest Dae-wu tells Dong-hyuk that his grandfather had some servants killed in the basement for not revealing that his mistress and his aide were having an affair. The enraged souls of the servants are causing this danger. Buddhist priest Dae-wu urges Dong-hyuk to leave but Dong-hyuk stays. The spirits are unable to approach Dong-hyuk because of his Buddhist relic. So they transform themselves into Dong-hyuk's fiancee and steal the relic. When the spirits threaten Dong-hyuk, Buddhist priest Dae-wu prepares to fight them.

Erotic Dream of the Red Chamber 1978

An original piece of Asian erotica comparable to the Euro softcore classics, Story of O, Emanuelle, and The Fruit is Ripe. Based on a Cantonese opera, this lavish production from the Shaw Brothers tells the story of 15 year old Pao-Yu and his preoccupation with bedding beautiful women.

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story II 1998

A pair of country thieves make friends with a general rising within the imperial army. After the general finds himself falling in love with the beautiful sister of one of the thieves (who is the fiancee of the other) he decides to do whatever it takes to get rid of the competition and have her for himself. Viewer discretion advised: this film contains extreme violence and sexual situations.

The Dream of the Red Chamber 1977

Li Han-Hsiang's adaptation of the classic Qing Dynasty novel will take viewers to the heightened pleasures of love and the despairing depths of betrayal. Timeless beauty Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia appears as Chia Pao-yu in her first attempt at a gender-bending role, an art she will wield complete mastery over in later films. Pao-yu is in love with his cousin, Lin Tai-yu (Sylvia Chang), but his family has other marital plans for him that will leave both broken-hearted.

Speak The Music: Robert Mann And The Mysteries Of Chamber Music 2014

Robert Mann has been a vital force in the world of music for more than seventy years. As founder and first violinist of the Julliard String Quartet, and as a soloist, composer, teacher, and conductor, Mann has brought a refreshing sense of adventure and discovery to chamber music performance, master classes, and orchestral performances worldwide. In Speak the Music, the 93-year-old Mann shares personal anecdotes from his childhood and musical training. Director Allan Miller combines archival performance footage, candid interviews, and glimpses into Mann's private lessons with today's most promising violinists to honor one of classical music's greatest living artists. (C) First Run

Disciples of the 36th Chamber 1985

Fong Sai Yuk's uninhibited arrogance toward a Manchu lord forces him to seek refuge in a Shaolin temple. Although abundantly trained in the martial arts, he is no match for Master San Te, the creator of the 36th Chamber of Shaolin, who constantly overpowers his younger, more agile disciples in matters of both body and mind. Exhausted by his frequent defeats, Fong seeks to escape his prison and crosses paths with a governor, who rewards him with a yellow robe granting immunity from any Manchu. But what are the governor's true intentions? Will Fong feed his foolish ego and betray the Shaolin Temple?

Return to the 36th Chamber 1980

The workers of a dye factory have their pay cut by 20% when the factory owner brings in some Manchu thugs to try and increase production. Desperate to reclaim their full wages, the workers hire an actor to impersonate a priest and kung-fu expert from the temple of Shaolin. The factory owner proves the actor a fraud, and punishes all those involved. The young actor feels he has let the workers down, and promises to atone. He sets out for Shaolin, determined to be accepted as a kung-fu pupil at the elite temple.

Gnomes and Trolls: The Secret Chamber 2008

Junior, a teenage gnome, wants nothing more than to invent gizmos and gadgets in his tree-house laboratory. But Junior's old school father, Jalle, the head gnome of the forest, would prefer his son follow in his footsteps and one day be in charge of his own forest. In spite of their differences, on the eve of the first winter storm Junior helps Jalle distribute food rations. Then disaster strikes.

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