Chamber 1977

A film by Joseph Bernard

In Chambers 2008

A portrayal of how reality is experienced for those who are in coma, and further how the system works in this seemingly macabre and hostile place.

Diary of a Chambermaid 1964

Celestine has a new job as a chambermaid for the quirky M. Monteil, his wife and her father. When the father dies, Celestine decides to quit her job and leave, but when a young girl is raped and murdered, Celestine believes that the Monteils' groundskeeper, Joseph, is guilty, and stays on in order to prove it. She uses her sexuality and the promise of marriage to get Joseph to confess -- but things do not go as planned.

Diary of a Chambermaid 2015

France, around 1900. Coming from the vibrancy of Paris, pert Célestine is procured as a chambermaid in Normandy. In the Lanlaire's villa she encounters the lecherous man of the house and his asexual, tyrannical and jealous wife. Célestine is determined to avoid the fate suffered by the cook Marianne who has already secretly killed one child born out of wedlock and now despairingly realises she is pregnant again. The lively maid is intrigued by what the mysterious manservant Joseph is up to: he distributes anti-Semitic leaflets and suggests that she could work for him as a prostitute in Cherbourg…

Echo Chamber 2015

Along the crumbling railways of a tropical country, a radio is broadcasting a climatological alert on loop: a natural disaster is looming.

The Chambermaid Lynn 2015

Lynn Zapatek, a chambermaid in a large hotel, has a deathly fear of human interaction yet she craves intimacy. A chance encounter prompts her to emerge from her cocoon.

The Chambermaid on the Titanic 1997

Horty, a French foundry worker, wins a contest and is sent to see the sailing of the Titanic. In England, Marie, saying she is a chambermaid on the Titanic and cannot get a room, asks to share his room. They do, chastely; when he awakens, she is gone, but he sees her at the sailing and gets a photo of her. When he returns home, he suspects that his wife Zoe has been sleeping with Simeon, the foundry owner. Horty goes to the bar, where his friends get him drunk and he starts telling an erotic fantasy of what happened with him and Marie, drawing a larger audience each night.

Room of Death 2007

While on a joyride with the headlights turned off, two men hit and kill another man carrying a satchel full of money. The two men decide to take the money and throw the body into a pond and bury the money in a coal hill. The next morning the police discover the body of a kidnapped 12-year blind girl, Melody, in a warehouse near the site of the hit-and-run. They determine that the kidnapper saw the girl's father bringing the ransom to him and also witnessed the hit-and-run and the men stealing the ransom.

Kasey Chambers: Behind The Barricades

'Behind The Barricades' is a look into Kasey Chambers - on and off stage - spanning six years. Live: Track List 1. Barricades & Brickwalls 2. Nullabor Song 3. Going Fishing 4. The Captain 5. Million Tears 6. Changed The Locks 7. I Still Pray 8. Not Pretty Enough 9. Top Of The World 10. We’re All Gonna Die Someday

Chamber Music 2012

Rose 12 years, spends his holidays in musical colony. By day she plays the flute in an orchestra. At night she shares a room with two clarinetists of 16. By proxy, Rose tries to get out childhood.

A Touch of Sweden 1971

While on vacation in Sweden, a young woman tells a friend about the sexy escapades she's been involved in back in the U.S. Footage from this R-rated comedy later ended up in the 3-D softcore film THE CHAMBER-MADES (1972) and the hardcore film PASTRIES (1975).

Chamber of Ox 2014

After drowning a bag of kittens, Oliver find himself haunted by feline apparitions out for vengeance. What starts out as an almost playful tease escalates into a neverending cycle of terror. Nowhere is safe, and he will eventually meet his fate in the Chamber of Ox.

The Career of a Chambermaid 1976

This homage to Italy’s “White Telephone” films (sophisticated comedy-dramas revolving around working-class girls) of the 1930s gives Agostina Belli her best role – going from chambermaid to prostitute to singer to film-star to mistress of ‘Il Duce’! – for which she received a special David Di Donatello award, the Italian equivalent of the Oscar. Incidentally, the English title evokes memories of Octave Mirbeau’s ‘scandalous’ novel “Diary Of A Chambermaid” – thrice brought to the screen (in Hollywood in 1946 by Frenchman Jean Renoir, in France in 1964 by Spaniard Luis Bunuel and in 1974, typically as a sexploitationer, by prolific “Euro-Cult” exponent Jess Franco: the latter being the only one I haven’t watched and don’t own in any form). At other points in the narrative, the film also reminded me of A STAR IS BORN (itself filmed several times) and BELLE DE JOUR (1967), Bunuel’s celebrated classy treatment of prostitution…

Frustration 1971

A sexually frustrated woman, living with her sister and the latter's husband, is tormented by bizarre nightmares and violent erotic fantasies.

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