Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud 2007

During a bitter family feud, Jodie Hatfield, and her boyfriend Ricky McCoy, decide to leave town to avoid being found out, but are soon caught in the act. Wanting vengeance, he seeks out the monster Pumpkinhead, and resurrects it seek revenge on the family. Despite being warned away by the ghost of Ed Harley, his vengeance plan starts out, and the Hatfield family is soon under siege by the powerful demon. Not accepting the legend of the creature and believing their arch-rivals are the real cause, the two families attempt to go to war, only to be stopped when Pumpkinhead attacks the Hatfield house. Putting aside their differences, they band together to stave off the creature before it's vengeance pact is completed.

Devil's Feud Cake 1963

Another in a series of Warner's economy cartoons featuring clips from previous Bugs Bunny-Yosemite Sam cartoons. After Sam is killed in each pursuit, he meets with the devil, who goads him into continuing to chase the bunny. Eventually, Sam balks and, donning a devil's outfit, tells the devil, "If you want him, you can get him yourself! I'm staying!"

Family Feud 2017

The teaser clip, shows the rapper in a church confessional booth, intercut with shots of an illicit sex scene. Meanwhile, wife Beyoncé appears opposite him in the booth, in the seat where the priest would usually sit.

Canned Feud 1951

Sylvester Cat finds that his people have gone on vacation and left him alone in a locked house with a large stash of canned food in a cupboard. Sylvester needs a can opener, or he'll starve. And a pesky mouse has the only can opener in the house and torments Sylvester into trying more and more desperate measures to obtain it.

Cat Feud 1958

Bulldog Marc Anthony is a guard at a construction site. He finds a kitten, Pussyfoot, to whom he affectionately gives a wiener for lunch. A hungry, grown cat sees the wiener and tries to take it from Pussyfoot. So, in defense of his kitten friend, Marc Anthony fights the cat on the steal beams of the partly constructed skeleton of a building.

Death Feud 1987

While in town on shore leave, Joe meets, falls in love with and proposes to Anne, a beautiful woman he rescues from an attacker. Anne, however, has a past: she's a prostitute and a former heroin addict on the run from her well-connected pimp, Harry. With the help of his friend Chris, Joe must make sure Harry can never threaten Anne again.

Chivalry Deadly Feud 1981

When he was a child, Champ Wang was adopted by a noble man, and as years went by, he fell in love with the man's daughter. After the girl's family was slaughtered, he hid the girl in a secret place and attempted to fine the murderers. During his chase, he killed some great fighters, and their families decide to contract killers in order to get rid of him.

Fergie Vs Wenger: The Feud 2018

The rivalry between Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger remains famous for being one of the fiercest in the history of British football. It was the feud between two titans of the sport which defined the Premier League era. Including revealing interviews from former players Paul Scholes, Philip Neville, Sol Campbell, Martin Keown and Andrew Cole.

Blood Feud 2016

Two reformed thugs embark on one last JOB - to seek FORGIVENESS. Not easy, as their violent pasts CREEP back to haunt them in the bitter form of a grieving, vengeful gangster who enforces a SICKENING, ticking ultimatum.

The Feud 1989

All Dolph Beeler wanted was a can of paint remover when he went to Bud Bullard's hardware store in Millville. But a simple misunderstandling between two men has turned into an outright war between two towns in this outrageous comedy of errors.--Summary from container. -- WorldCat

Frontier Feud 1945

Johnny Mack Brown is back as Nevada Jack McKenzie in Frontier Feud. Once again, Nevada and his grizzled sidekick Sandy (Raymond Hatton) are US marshals posing as drifters. Rancher Joe (Dennis Moore) is accused of a series of murders, but Nevada and Sandy manage to prove that another man is the guilty party.

Border Feud 1947

A marshal (Al "Lash" La Rue) with a whip and a sheriff (Al "Fuzzy" St. John) with a sense of humor end a gold-mine feud.

Pure Feud 1934

Edgar Appletree learns the ins and outs of family feuding courtesy of Charlie McCarthy.

The Feud 1936

A Terrytoons cartoon released 10 January 1936.

The Feud

A mysterious man returns to his home in Iowa for his brother's funeral where he finds himself head to head with the local crime boss.

Thunder River Feud 1942

Attracted by a picture of Maybelle Pembroke, the Range Busters, bantering between themselves, head for the Pembroke ranch separetely. Crash arrives posing as a dude while Dusty arrives posing as Crash, a mixup having put his picture in the paper identified as Crash. Later Alibi arrives and the three go to work when outlaws trick the Pembroke ranch and it's neighbor into a gunfight with each other.

The Feud Maker 1938

When Tex is brought in to fight in a range war between the cowmen and the nesters, he meets his old outlaw boss Lassiter. He learns Lassiter is behind the feud when Lassiter asks him to join up with his gang. Tex refuses and instead sets out to stop the feud but no one will believe him that Lassiter is responsible.

Feud with a Dude 1968

Merlin the Magic Mouse and his sidekick Second Bananna stumble into the age-old feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys...

Celebrity Family Feud 2008

Celebrity Family Feud is a spin-off game show created by NBC, and hosted by television weather anchor Al Roker. The announcer was Burton Richardson. Celebrity Family Feud pitted two families against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to a survey-type question posed to 100 people. This version, which was a spin-off of the original Family Feud, featured celebrity families instead of regular families, and was a revival of the primetime All-Star Specials featured during the late 1970s and early 1980s. This version also featured five-player teams composed of a celebrity captain and four friends and/or relatives, with a $50,000 charity payoff at stake. In addition, it debuted changes to the set and sound effects of the current syndicated set, including the classic theme music as the opening/closing theme and as faceoff/commercial cues. Roker was chosen as the host of this version because, at the time of taping, the then-host of the syndicated daytime Feud, John O'Hurley, was committed to a series on another network, which was the one-episode flop Secret Talents of the Stars. The show debuted sound effect and set changes that appeared that fall on the ensuing O'Hurley season of the syndicated Family Feud.

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