Shocking Asia II: The Last Taboos 1985

Venture, if you dare into the alluring mysteries of the Far East where centures-old traditions remain shrouded in superstition and fear. Bizarre rituals and unbridled morals walk hand in hand and unbelievable and shocking truths lie in wait for the unsuspecting. See the merciless therapies of the Brown Monks, learn the truth about the Phillipine faith healers, witness the 1001 wanton and exotic pleasures of Asia's nightlife and visit the City of the Dead with its secretive spiritual cults.

Milka - A Film About Taboos 1980

Based on a novel by the late Finnish writer Timo Mukka, this simple story focuses on what happens when Milka (Irma Huntus), a girl barely out of childhood, gets pregnant by Ojanen (Matti Turunen) a rustic fieldhand. Her own mother had been hoping to marry Ojanen, and her daughter's pregnancy turns their lives around. Set in the Lapp country of northern Finland, the scenery is breathtaking, made even more so by the isolation of the region. A sense of natural solitude is underscored by a slow-moving dialogue interspersed with long silences, and the connection between nature and the dialogue is underscored as the young Milka recites poetry while out in the countryside. The fate of Milka and her mother, however, is connected to the decision that Ojanen makes at the end.

The Many Taboos of Death - Part 4 1999

For mature audiences only! View over 60 Shockumentary scenes in this 90 minute volume! This shocking Video is the 4th Part in THE MANY TABOOS OF DEATH Series. The fearless cameramen transport you to ghastly scenes while risking their own lives. Peer into this unique world of unpredictable tragedies and man's inhumanity to man. This video contains eerie visits to morgues, cruel sacrifices, deadly prison riots, political assassinations, fatalities at sporting events, gruesome acts of torture, and indiscriminate human atrocities

I Tabu 1963

Documentary feature, re-edited for English-speaking countries, that gratuitously examines customs around the globe, focusing on repulsive sights and strange bits of knowledge about human customs

Taboos Without Taboos 2017

In every society, there are taboo themes that everyone knows, but they are not happy about talking to them or dealing with people. Here, in Central Europe, we often encounter, for example, the phenomenon of alcohol dependence in the family or in a work community, but as long as it is not very serious, we will not confront him or even face ourselves with this problem. Likewise, taboo counts as our own sexuality and sexual identity, the lust of our hidden desires, the fear of death or the mourning of our lives, the past decades of hidden concealed sins or, for example, the atypical family models. Spektrum's new, self-produced show spans these topics without Taboos

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