Act of Violence 1949

A former prisoner of war, Frank Enley is hailed as a hero in his California town. However, Frank actually aided his Nazi captors, and he closely guards this secret. Frank's shameful past comes back to visit him when fellow survivor Joe Parkson emerges, intent on making the turncoat pay for his betrayal. As Joe closes in on Frank, the traitor goes into hiding, abandoning his wife, Edith, who has no clue about her husband's wartime transgressions.

Act of Violence 1980

Antônio Nunes is sentenced to 30 years in jail, after having killed a woman, and becomes known as ripper of women. Infatuated Tânia begins to visit him frequently and hires a lawyer to try to take him out.

Acts of Violence 2018

When his fiancee is kidnapped by human traffickers, Roman and his ex-military brothers set out to track her down and save her before it is too late. Along the way, Roman teams up with Avery, a cop investigating human trafficking and fighting the corrupt bureaucracy that has harmful intentions.

Act of Violence 2008

After finishing school, a group of three guys and three girls set off to spend their last holidays together in a remote cottage. What started as a great adventure soon turns into a nightmare of explosive violence. Once you start taking the game seriously, it is not a game anymore...

Portrait as a Random Act of Violence 2013

Evoking themes of protest, destruction, and resurrection, this beguiling new work from visual artist Randall Okita transposes three-dimensional kinetic sculptures to the cinema screen.

Acts of Violence 2010

A man named Flyn (Il Lim) is on a mission on killing the men who raped his wife Olivia (Leelee Sobieski). He finds himself living a double life as a killer and a husband. He finds an unexpected friend, a priest (Ron Perlman), as he deals with the gravity of his acts. The story comes to a climactic end when Flyn finds out he is in a battle he has already lost....

Acts of Violence 1985

A riveting expose about the personalities of murderers and their motives. This 72 minute film covers the McDonalds' restaurant massacre, President Reagan's assassination attempt, serial murderer Henry Lee Lucas and others.

Charm 2013

Being the adventures of a young man whose principle interests are movies, New York, and mass murder. CHARM is an ultra low budget black comedy about Malcolm - a New Yorker who gets tired of how gentrified, tepid and antiseptic it's all become. What's happened to the 'Good ole days'?! And so he decides to take matters into his own hands by personally starting a crime wave which he hopes will catch on and drive real estate value down, opening up the city to bohemians, artists and a swell of creativity, just like the supposed good 'ole days of the 1970s and 80s. The only problem is: Nobody is paying attention.

Acts of Violence 2006

ACTS OF VIOLENCE is a behind the scenes documentary, structured in a scene by scene breakdown of all the incidents of violence in David Cronenberg's film, A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. Directed by Cronenberg's wife, Carolyn Zeifman, who has been married to her subject for more than 26 years, it provides a new insight on the filmmaker -- reputed over the years to be the king of cinematic depravity because of his exploration of graphically violent and sexual themes. The documentary chronicles the easy-going, familial mood that the long time, loyal crew have long attested pervades a Cronenberg set, as well as the many unique challenges of the production and explores the film's many themes of violence, especially in America.

Random Acts of Violence 2002

Hardcore gangsta Isaiah Knight decides to leave his gang, The Platinum Playaz, to go straight and look after his mother and sister. When he opens up his own nightclub, the members of his former crew see it as the perfect place to make a big drug score. Desperate to stay legit, Knight scuppers the drug deal, invoking the wrath of Lynch, the new leader of the Playaz, who decides to take revenge by ambushing Knight. Knight's mother and sister are killed during the hit and when Lynch escapes prosecution for the killings, Knight decides to exact his own form of bloody justice.

Random Acts of Violence 1999

When a young man new in town, the impressionable Chris Donds (Esteban Powell), is drawn into the super wealthy scene of Los Angeles after dark, he confuses his morals and beliefs for absolution and opportunity... the life that dreams as fast as it lives. His new lifestyle of carousing and daredevil brushes with the law leads up to an entanglement with the Russian mafia. Soon, Chris finds that his wealth cannot protect him and his friends from the retribution coming their way.

Infinite Emergence Sex Scandal: The Hottest Office Girl Violence 2016

As a husband who can not give birth to a child and lives only in work, Jung Ah and Hoon who keep the couple's life together. Hoon is the vice president of a promising young company, and the president is promoted soon. Another person who burns ambition under him is Sang-doo. He is an ambition to do anything for ambition. One day, Sooke and his wife Jesse, who were invited to the house of Hoon for dinner. Mr. Sang tells his wife something and goes to Hoon 's house together. Hoon went to his wife, Jesse, who came to his invitation that day, and became addicted by unknown power and eventually got physical relationship. Hoon's wife, Jung-a, who notices this, establishes a physical relationship with Shang-doo in vengeance.

Money and violence 2014

Complex, urgent, and intensely engaging, Money and Violence is an immersive and revealing glimpse inside a brutal and little-understood subculture. Drugs, petty larceny, and casual violence.

V-Day: Until the Violence Stops

V-Day: Until the Violence Stops is a 2003 documentary film directed by Abby Epstein. It follows events marking 2002 V-Day — a grassroots movement inspired by Eve Ensler's 1996 play The Vagina Monologues. The film focuses on V-Day activities in the United States, Kenya, Croatia and the Philippines.

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