Remember 2015

With the aid of a fellow Auschwitz survivor and a hand-written letter, an elderly man with dementia goes in search of the person responsible for the death of his family.

Remember Me 2010

Still reeling from a heartbreaking family event and his parents' subsequent divorce, Tyler Hawkins discovers a fresh lease on life when he meets Ally Craig, a gregarious beauty who witnessed her mother's death. But as the couple draws closer, the fallout from their separate tragedies jeopardizes their love.

Remember: Remember 2017

In this cinematic, room-scale VR experience set against the backdrop of an alien invasion, you are a prisoner being brainwashed by a lost love. As you cycle through your memories, you begin to question what is real and what is imagined.

Remember Sunday 2013

A lonely, down-on-her-luck waitress meets a handsome, quirky jewelry store clerk and thinks that maybe, finally, she's met Mr. Right. The more Molly (Alexis Bledel) gets to know Gus (Zachary Levi), the more she's intrigued by him. But she's also mystified. Gus is absent-minded, preoccupied. Is he hiding something? The short answer is: yes. He's reluctant to share with her that since suffering a brain aneurysm, he's totally lost his short-term memory. Every day is a brand new day, his life starts anew. Every day he sees Molly he struggles to remember who she is and what she represents. Every day, he has to fall in love with her all over again.

Remember the Titans 2000

After leading his football team to 15 winning seasons, coach Bill Yoast is demoted and replaced by Herman Boone – tough, opinionated and as different from the beloved Yoast as he could be. The two men learn to overcome their differences and turn a group of hostile young men into champions.

A Walk to Remember 2002

When the popular, restless Landon Carter is forced to participate in the school drama production he falls in love with Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of the town's minister. Jamie has a "to-do" list for her life and also a very big secret she must keep from Landon.


Photographs capture special moments of our lives, also reminding us of their impermanence. Remember? travels through a space of memories.

I Remember 2005

The memories of Guiga, from early childhood to young adulthood: his family, relatives, friends, fears, dreams and reality in a still provincial city of Salvador, Bahia, from the 50s to the 70s.

An Affair to Remember 1957

Nickie Ferrante's return to New York to marry a rich heiress is well publicized as are his many antics and affairs. He meets a nightclub singer Terry McKay who is also on her way home to her longtime boyfriend. She sees him as just another playboy and he sees her as stand-offish but over several days they soon find they've fallen in love. Nickie has never really worked in his life so they agree that they will meet again in six months time atop the Empire State building. This will give them time to deal with their current relationships and for Nickie to see if he can actually earn a living. He returns to painting and is reasonably successful. On the agreed date, Nickie is waiting patiently for Terry who is racing to join him. Fate intervenes however, resulting in misunderstanding and heartbreak and only fate can save their relationship.

A Night to Remember 1958

The sinking of the Titanic is presented in a highly realistic fashion in this tense British drama. The disaster is portrayed largely from the perspective of the ocean liner's second officer, Charles Lightoller. Despite numerous warnings about ice, the ship sails on, with Capt. Edward John Smith keeping it going at a steady clip. When the doomed vessel finally hits an iceberg, the crew and passengers discover that they lack enough lifeboats, and tragedy follows.

Remember? 1939

Sky and Linda meet on vacation and become engaged. When Sky introduces Linda to his best friend, Jeff, Linda and Jeff fall in love and marry. But Jeff's work puts a strain on the marriage and a divorce is planned. Sky uses an experimental memory loss drug to make Linda and Jeff forget their rough times (and the fact that they were married) and they fall in love all over again.

Remember 2016

While engaging in a therapy session, a troubled man soon realizes he is part of a psychological experiment that causes him to question all the events that have led him to that moment.

Remember 2016

A VR sci-fi film exploring our relationship with technology and its influence on our reality.

Remember 2015

Leaving home, a man gets a phone call. Answering it, his house is exploded. As if nothing has happened, he goes to work.

Remember 2012

In the year 2050, society now relies on memory blocking drugs to cope with their lives while the state separates parents from their children at birth. One man, whose job is to keep adults from reuniting with their children, receives a series of messages that challenge him to remember the past, putting him on the right side of the law but the wrong side of the truth.

Remember You 2016

In the middle of the night, a man reports a missing person to the police office... himself. He has lost his memory. He can only remember from the moment he found himself left alone in an apartment. He tries to find any clue as to who he might be, but nothing comes out. When he plucks up the courage to go out, he meets a girl at a convenience store, who he thinks might know him. Instantly she becomes his only hope and joy, but when he returns, she has disappeared. Then his attempt to find someone who remembers him becomes greater than his need for his own memories, transforming into a quest to reconnect with a lost love.

David Gilmour: Remember That Night 2007

David Gilmour: Remember That Night - Live From Royal Albert Hall captures the Pink Floyd guitarist playing a number of that band's most well known songs along with selections from his solo album On An Island. A number of special guest stars play with him over the course of the evening including David Bowie, and Graham Nash. - Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

Remember the Daze 2008

During the summer of 1999, a group of teenagers, through interconnected narratives, live through their last day of high school and prepare for the future. Holly, once the new girl in school, does whatever it takes to remain popular. Dawn, who is secretly a lesbian, battles drugs. Tori is the valedictorian of her class, but, on the eve of graduation, she decides to experiment with drugs for the first time.

A Crime to Remember 2013

Showcasing the most compelling crimes of yesteryear, when secrets festered, passions ran wild and cops had nothing but shoe-leather and gut instinct to catch a killer. Fashions may change but murder never goes out of style.

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