Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale 2010

It's the eve of Christmas in northern Finland and an "archeological" dig has just unearthed the real Santa Claus. But this particular Santa isn't the one you want coming to town. When all the local children begin mysteriously disappearing, young Pietari and his father Rauno, a reindeer hunter by trade, capture the mythological being and attempt to sell Santa to the misguided leader of the multinational corporation sponsoring the dig. Santa's elves, however, will stop at nothing to free their fearless leader from captivity. What ensues is a wildly humorous nightmare - a fantastically bizarre polemic on modern day morality. RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE is a re-imagining of the most classic of all childhood fantasies, and is a darkly comic gem soon to be required perennial holiday viewing.

A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale 2015

Luce Lockhart loves Christmas, but she finds herself in a predicament when she maxes out her credit card. Desperately wanting a ruby necklace, Luce has no choice but to accept a dog walking job for the Brandts. Reluctantly agreeing to walk Hank, Luce finds a nearby dog park where she meets some of the dog owners, including exasperating dog walker Dean Silver. Soon after, she learns that the Brandts have plans to create a spa on the dog park land. When Dean finds out about these plans, he and Luce are at odds on Dean’s agenda to stop the development. But as Luce spends more time with Hank and Dean, she starts to see the park in a different light. Stuck in a bad spot of having to choose between the Brandts or Dean, Luce will have to decide if she’ll be able to save the dog park by Christmas.

K-9 Adventures: A Christmas Tale 2013

Luke Perry stars in this heartwarming "tail." Kassie, her friends and her dog, Scoot, organize a holiday fundraiser, but must protect the cash from some crooks in order to save Christmas.

A Christmas Tale 2008

When their regal matriarch falls ill, the troubled Vuillard family come together for a hesitant Christmastime reunion. Among them is rebellious ne'er-do-well Henri and the uptight Elizabeth. Together under the same roof for the first time in many years, their intricate, long denied resentments and yearnings emerge again.

Miracle Maker - A Christmas Tale 2015

It all starts with one little seed of love."The Miracle Maker is coming!" Everyone in the tiny hamlet is excited when they hear the news that the renowned man of wonders is coming to their village. But the humble traveler who appears isn't what anyone expected. They were looking forward to someone magnificent who would change their lives. But it seems this man can barely take care of himself, let alone fulfill the dreams of others. However, miracles can come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes from unexpected places.

A Christmas Tale 2005

In 1985, in a coastal town, the friends Koldo, Peti, Tito, Eugenio and Moni stumble with a woman dressed like Santa Claus trapped in a hole in the woods. While to boys go to the police station to ask for help, the others find a rope to take the woman out of the hole. However, the boys find in the police station that the woman is the dangerous thief Rebeca Expósito, who has just stolen two million pesetas from a bank and is wanted. The group decides to leave the woman in the hole without any food to force her to give the robbed money to them. Meanwhile, Peti and Eugenio that are fans of the movie "Zombie Invasion", decide to make a voodoo ceremony with Rebecca to transform her into a zombie. When Rebecca escapes from her imprisonment, she uses an axe to chase the evil boys.

A Fairy Tale Christmas 2005

Once upon a time there was a happy kingdom at the crest of a broad river, at the edge of nearly endless forest. The kingdom was ruled by a fair and just King who had but one daughter, who was the apple of his eye: Princess Angela. She thought of herself as the happiest girl in the whole world because she played all day and danced for her father, the King, at night. But one day all happiness in the kingdom came to an end. Princess Angela was kidnapped by the King's Viceroy. The Viceroy left Angela with his brother, a selfish and mean-hearted woodsman, who lived deep in the heart of the nearly endless forest. Years passed and the kingdom became a very unhappy place, for the King spent all his time looking searching from one end of his vast kingdom to the other looking for his daughter, Princess Angela.

A Horse Tail 2015

Uptight city accountant Michael Thompson is hired to help a family save their stable before the bank shuts them down. Michael reluctantly agrees, but as he searches for ways to save a family's legacy, he finds something he never expected.

Scruff: A Christmas Tale 2009

It's Christmas, Eve and Scruff have some dishes that are not shared with anyone. But after meeting the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, understand the true meaning of the holiday, friendship and charity.

A Christmas Special: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir 2017

It's Christmas in Paris, a time for generosity, giving and spending time with family. At least not for everyone, Adrien has to celebrate his first Christmas without his mom, and he thinks that his father is not interested in celebrating the holiday with him this year, which inspires him the idea to run away from home as Cat Noir to sing out his anger in the cold and snow. When the news of his disappearance spreads all over Paris, Adrien's friends go out searching for him while Marinette transforms as Ladybug to search the cold and snow for the boy she secretly loves. But things get worse when she accidentally causes a man dressed as Santa to get akumatized on Christmas Eve, now Ladybug and Cat Noir have to stop him before he destroys the holiday for everyone.

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse: A Christmas Tale

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse: A Christmas Tale is an animated TV special from Michael Sporn Productions, which aired in December 1993 as part as the HBO Storybook Musicals series. As the title implies, the story is an adaptation of the Aesop fable that is set around Christmastime. The special's two characters, Emily and Alexander, were voiced respectively by Crystal Gayle and John Lithgow. These two cousins would appear in the animated series The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures, also on HBO.

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